Apartment Etiquette Tips

Living in an apartment community like Liv Northgate is a treat for our residents here in Gilbert, AZ. We value a comfortable lifestyle for everyone, so today on the blog we’re bringing awareness to an important topic, apartment etiquette. We hope these reminders will be helpful for members of our community.  

Communicate efficiently and politely.

Being courteous to others — in an apartment community setting or in any other — starts with speaking and treating others respectfully. If you have to work around others’ preferences, habits, or needs, be open and willing to engage in a helpful conversation with the person about it. Whether you’re using the clubhouse with someone else or you’re throwing a party at your apartment, communicate with those nearby who may be affected. Be polite about how you can make adjustments so that you’re both comfortable.

Clean up after yourself.

Keeping your apartment and any community areas clean really takes a load off of everyone’s shoulders and contributes to everyone’s safety and comfort. Cleaning up messes can minimize the risk of injury around your building or the community, and it keeps the quality of each home and area of the community where it needs to be.

So let yourself and others make the most of the clean, state-of-the-art environment here, whether you’re having fun at our poolside barbecue grills or you’re using our personally equipped fitness center, and help keep our community clean. Every effort counts!

Be friendly.

It may seem too simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth remembering! Being a consistently friendly person, even in passing, contributes to good relations between you and anyone, however well you know them or often you interact with them. Go out of your way to be nice and welcoming to others. Basically, treat others how you’d like to be treated — and sometimes even better, if not much bothers you. Be open to learn from your mistakes and remember that everyone is different so your efforts to understand them will be appreciated.

What other essential apartment living etiquette tips do you have for us? Share with us in the comments! Thanks for reading.

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