How Apartment Living Can Aid Your Professional Career

When you think about ways to advance your career, you probably think about the things you do at work, such as continuing your education or working longer hours. However, the quality of your domestic life may have a significant impact.

It may be the American dream to own a home, but it also comes with maintenance concerns and hassles that might distract you from your job. Is apartment living beneficial for your business career? It's certainly more convenient, and there are additional perks such as built-in community and facilities. Here's what you can expect.

1. Save Time With On-Site Services

Household responsibilities can be really annoying when you are putting out the effort to succeed in your career. According to studies, homeowners spend more than 10 hours a week on housework, whereas renters spend only 7.8 hours.

You can save a lot of time by living in an upscale community like Liv, on-call housekeeping and laundry services are available. Taking advantage of these features allows you to focus all the time you need on your career without having to deal with distracting chores, especially if you work from home

In a survey of remote working professionals:

  • 59% put work aside to help household members with chores
  • 26% spend a half-hour to an hour doing chores during work hours
  • 29% spend the same amount of time cooking

On-site services help you repurpose that time and boost your work performance.

2. Make Reliable Budgets With the Stability of Monthly Rent

There are numerous unexpected expenditures associated with purchasing a property. Even if your mortgage is fixed, things fail and you have to pay to repair them. You just pay for rent, utilities, and perhaps renter's insurance when living in an apartment. It's much easier to plan ahead of time and you won't have to worry about putting your money away for unexpected scenarios.

With a more secure budget, you may invest in career-building services such as training courses, professional memberships, and conference fees. You could also consider returning to school to obtain an advanced degree that might help you obtain the promotion or the dream job you've been seeking for years.

3. Easy Access to Your Daily Needs

Apartment communities tend to be located near shopping, dining, and transportation centers. You can go shopping or pick up a thank-you gift for a co-worker sooner than someone who lives farther away when you reside in an apartment community.

With the time you save, you may complete additional tasks for work or even assist a co-worker who is not as conveniently located. You become the person who gets things done without having to waste hours in transit.

4. Priceless Opportunities to Build Your Network

Networking is something that everyone desires to accomplish but no one has the time for. According to talent solutions firm Apollo Technical, 80% of professionals feel networking is essential to their job success, and 41% wish there were more chances to do so.

Residents of communities like Liv would be able to form a more personal network due to the frequent and engaging on-site social events. Professionals get together to participate in fun activities like arts and crafts, hiking, or a leisurely breakfast — all of which help them to meet new people while relaxing.

As you know, these events provide plenty of chances to chat with the same people — which is perfect to strengthen your business relationships. When an opportunity arises or a client needs a recommendation, you'll be more likely to come up in their thoughts if you've spent time getting to know them better.

5. Don't Worry About Hosting Colleagues and Clients

Occasionally, being ahead at work entails acting as a host. It's not always easy to invite people over to your house, and finding the ideal location to entertain them might be difficult. Living in an apartment complex like Liv makes it simple to access gathering spaces such as business centers, coffee shops, and more.

There's no need to be concerned about whether your home is clean enough for visitors or if the coffee shop will have seats. Community facilities are well-kept and limited to residents, so there's no worry of overcrowding. If you need to impress someone, you can make it happen without difficulty.

6. Have a Better Work-Life Balance

Keeping a healthy work-life balance may help you advance in your career. According to CEB, formerly the Corporate Executive Board, individuals who had more balance in their lives were 21% more productive and had a far lower chance of dying from heart disease or stroke.

Swimming, hiking, and even meditation are all activities encouraged by communities like Liv to improve your work-life balance. You get the extra motivation and accountability of a group exercise session, without having to go to the gym.

Apartments also provide an environment that encourages collaboration and social interaction, providing a better work-life balance. It's easier to invite your neighbors over for a glass of wine or a game night when you develop connections with them. With so many people around, you're likely to encounter someone who shares your interests and can join you for some rest and relaxation

7. Travel Knowing Your Home is Safe

Work-related travel is becoming popular again. 48% of business travelers expect to go back to work-related travel in the next year. That includes 40% of Millennials who travel for business, 55 percent of whom enjoy extending their trips for further exploration.

Apartment living can make business travel more convenient for any generation. You won't have to worry about maintaining your home while you're gone — no need to schedule a landscaper visit or have someone check up on your boiler. Building maintenance takes care of it all.

Not only that but if you need to water your plants or feed a small pet, there are neighbors who can get there just by walking down the hallway.

Move to Your New Home and Start Getting Ahead

Ready to join flocks of your fellow professionals and get a taste of apartment living in the 21st century? Liv is ready to talk to you. Reach out today and find out how you can make career strides while living in one of our beautiful, built-for-you communities.

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