Car Cleaning Tips from Liv Northgate

Cars can get dirty and cluttered very easily, especially if you’ve been taking any road trips during the recent holiday season. Clean out your car this month with the tips we’re sharing in today’s Liv Northgate Blog. We hope you enjoy a clean car and a great month at your apartment or while you’re out and about here in Gilbert, AZ!

Organize with Boxes

Certain items need to be kept in our cars, so rather than letting them roll around in the back seat or in the trunk, use plastic bins or cardboard boxes to keep things organized. Storing a garbage bag in your car is another way to keep things organized. It will keep trash off of the floors and maintain a clean car for longer.

Shampoo Regularly

Whether you want to take your car somewhere to get it shampooed or do it yourself, shampooing your seats and floor mats regularly will keep things looking and smelling fresh. Check out these ways to shampoo your seats from WikiHow.

Clean Your Headlights

You can purchase headlight cleaners to keep them shiny or you could try using toothpaste as an alternative cleaner. Toothpaste is a mild abrasive cleaner that works well to make your headlights shine again. Use a cloth to rub the toothpaste around, then wipe it clean.

Dust Surfaces

Your car can get very dusty, especially if you’re using the air conditioner or heater frequently. First, wipe off surfaces with warm water and an interior car cleaner. Dust may still be lurking from the cloth you used or from dust in the air. Use a coffee filter to wipe up that dust. They’re lint-free and can catch the dust easier than you might think! Keep them in your car to dust when necessary. For those small spaces in your car like the vents or in between seats, use a can of compressed air to blow away the dust.

What other tips or ideas do you have for cleaning out your car? Share them with us in the comments below! Thanks for reading.

Close up of hands cleaning the interior of a car with a spray bottle of cleaner and a microfiber cleaning cloth