Convenient Car Apps to Try

For our last March blog, Liv Northgate brings you four car-related apps that can help you find the least expensive gas in Gilbert (and on the road throughout Arizona), navigate through traffic, figure out how much a repair should cost, and where to find charging stations — of course we have those available here in our apartment community, but the app could come in handy should you need to recharge while you’re out and about. Read on for more info!



If you’re the owner of a plug-in hybrid or full-on EV, you know the importance of being aware of where charging stations are located. The Plugshare app gives you up-to-date info on where you can find a charge station when you are out and about. It indicates home, public, and in-use to save you time and frustration. The app also offers driving directions, contact information, and direct messaging with charger owners. Available for iOS and Android.



Taking the guesswork out of where to find the best price for gas is what this app delivers. GasBuddy posts local gas prices so you can see at a glance the best place to fill up. It shows what grades are available including diesel. Available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.



It happens to all of us, that weird sound our car starts to make, or the intermittent service engine soon light popping on then off, or an unfortunate accident and we’re in the market for a mechanic. But how do you budget for the repair? How do you know what you should expect to pay? RepairPal to the rescue! Instead of calling around for repair quotes, let RepairPal do the legwork for you and give you a localized estimate of what you can expect to pay. Available for iOS and Android.



Check out this community driven navigation map that is more than just navigation. Members provide real-time updates to the maps to indicate traffic jams, road construction, and even gas prices. It’s not just for major freeways, highways, and arterial streets; even side streets can be included. In the case of heavy traffic and long delays, Waze will reroute you in the most efficient manner. Available for iOS and Android.


Check out Gearheads for some additional car maintenance apps we didn’t cover here. Also, last October we wrote a blog, Car Care 101, that has some great tips for taking care of your car, too. Stop by our on-site Car Care Station soon to give your car the once-over. Thanks for reading our post today.

Liv Northgate Blog, Gilbert, AZ  We have car charging stations in our apartment community. Today we have info for an app to find them on the go; plus more!