Dinner Etiquette

Thanksgiving might be over, but the holiday season has just begun! This week the Liv Northgate Blog has five etiquette tips from the Etiquette Scholar for you to use at any formal dinners you might attend this month and next month. You can visit the Etiquette Scholar for a full list of their dinner etiquette tips.


No Calls (or Texts) at the Table, Please

Put your electronic devices away while you’re eating dinner. It is rude, especially at a formal dinner, to pull out your phone and start snapchatting during a fancy meal. Save all of your facebooking, tweeting, and youtubing for after dinner. Your conversations with friends who are not at the table can wait until you’re done eating. If there is an emergency, politely excuse yourself from the table.


Taste First, Then Season

Make sure you taste your food before you start seasoning it up with salt and pepper. This is common courtesy, and it is an easy way to make sure that you don’t over season your food. You don’t want to over salt an already salty dish.


All About Elbows

You may have heard that having your elbows on a table is rude. Etiquette Scholar insists that this is only a rule while you are eating. If you are not eating, feel free to rest your elbows on the table. It’s still wise not to take up too much space — make sure that you’re being mindful of the other guests at the table.


Please and Thank You

When asking for someone to pass a dish, make sure to say your “please” and “thank yous.” The old etiquette rules you have always known still apply. Make sure that you thank your host at the end of the evening, as well.


Cool It Down

If your food is too hot to eat, wait for it to cool down. Don’t blow on your food to cool it down more quickly, although it can be appropriate to stir any too-hot soup.


Do you have any etiquette tips for us? What’s your favorite restaurant in Gilbert, AZ? Leave us a recommendation and a tip to use the next time we’re out to dinner in the comments.


Dinner Etiquette