DIY: Repurpose with Items from Your Closet

Welcome back to the Liv Northgate Blog. Last week we shared some ways to reduce stress via yoga, this week we’re following that up with some fun DIY projects using items from your closet, specifically jeans and tee- or button-down shirts. Chances are you may have of jeans that are worn, too small, or too big. In line with the old adage from the era of the Great Depression, we have ideas for you to “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Use up those extra jeans and other clothing items with these craft ideas.

Repurpose Jeans — A Levi quilt can be both a work of art and a functional item — not to mention warm! They are great for picnics or for wrapping up in front of the TV. And they are a great way to use old jeans and preserve memories at the same time (use the square with that splotch of paint, it will remind you of painting with a loved one). For the back, use more denim, flannel, or even a nice cotton sheet. You can also make a handbag, a backpack, or an apron out of jeans. For directions, simply do an internet search using the term “recycle jeans,” which will bring up nearly 3,000,000 results. You will have no shortage of projects to choose from.

Memory Quilts — Do you have a collection of old T-shirts you no longer wear, yet you can’t imagine giving up? Use them to make a memory quilt. You will enjoy the extra room in your closet, and you can enjoy the memories every time you use the quilt. The same idea can be used to make quilts or pillows from flannel shirts.

From Shirt to Apron — Button-down shirts (especially in larger sizes) are perfect to use to make aprons. They make fun gifts for family members or friends, or they make a heartfelt remembrance of family members who have passed on. Easy directions for making aprons from button-down shirts can be found at this apron tutorial: from skirt to apron.

Another idea is to organize a closet swap. Schedule a space at  Liv Northgate for an evening and invite residents to go through their closets and bring what are wanting to give away. The night of the swap, everyone can take what they like, and then the remainder can be given to a local shelter or non-profit in the Gilbert, AZ area. It’s a win-win-win — more closet space for you, new-to-me clothes for others, and helping out a non-profit.

Feel free to share your ideas with our apartment community of what and how to repurpose clothing items you don’t want in the comments section! Thanks for reading today’s post.

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