Frozen Treats to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer with its scorching heat is on its way here to Gilbert, AZ. With plenty of summer sun to heat you up over these next few months, we’ve pulled together some refreshing summertime recipes to help you cool down in your Liv Northgate apartment. Make one (or more) of these treats soon for a cooldown!

  • This fresh Raspberry Sorbet only takes 30 minutes to make, so be sure to prepare this for your next summer outing. We think adding lemon juice to the mix is a great way to add a bit of tang to the sweetness of this thick dessert. Garnish with some fruit or sprigs of peppermint to add some complementary color and texture.

  • Fresh Peach Lemonade sounds delicious. This smoothie recipe comes from Gather for Bread. It’s the perfect refreshing summer drink. You’ll need 3 large peaches, pitted, and cut into quarters, ½ cup sugar, 1 cup of real lemon juice, and water. Click on the link above to learn the tips and tricks to make this delicious and thirst-quenching drink.

  • Want a s’mores shake? We think that this recipe from Country Living looks delicious. When it’s too hot to make a s’more outside, try making this new twist without leaving your apartment.

  • Key Lime Mousse Tart from Garlic & Zest — Crush together NILLA Wafers, sugar, butter, and sweetened coconut flakes to make the delicious crust for this key lime mousse tart. You will love how the sweet and crunchy crust, tart filling, and creamy garnish combine for a flavorful summer treat.

  • What’s better than pistachio flavored ice cream? Frozen Pistachio Pie, that’s what, and we found an easy-to-make recipe from the Cutestuff Cooks blog. All you need for the filling is pistachios, vanilla ice cream, instant pudding, and green food coloring (optional); swirl the top of the pie with fudge topping. Yum!


What is your favorite recipe for summertime eating? Please share in the comments. Thanks for reading today’s post!  

Liv Northgate Blog, Gilbert, AZ  Defeat the summer heat with one of these refreshing frozen desserts. Share some with your neighbors in our apartment community!