Hiking Tips and Tricks

Explore the great outdoors this month by heading to a state or national park for a summer hike. Find a park you want to visit by visiting the National Park Service’s official website. Heading on a hike in Arizona in the summertime might be a little too hot, but you could save a visit to any of these parks for cooler months if you’d like.


Of course, the most famous place to hike in Arizona is the Grand Canyon. The official website states, “Unique combinations of geologic color and erosional forms decorate a canyon that is 277 river miles (446km) long, up to 18 miles (29km) wide, and a mile (1.6km) deep. Grand Canyon overwhelms our senses through its immense size.” If you are planning on hiking The Grand Canyon, we would advise heading out in October, when temperatures are cooler. The National Park Service has a whole page of tips and tricks. Our favorite tip? Drink plenty of water. Don’t force yourself to drink, but drink whenever you feel thirsty. Also, remember to eat plenty of food to keep your energy levels up as you hike.


Before you head out, check your shoes! Make sure that you are wearing the appropriate footwear. The American Hiking Society writes, “For a short day hike that doesn’t involve a heavy pack of technical terrain, trail shoes are great. For longer hikes, carrying heavier loads, or more technical terrain, hiking boots offer more support.” The American Hiking Society offers an extensive guide advising hikers on everything from preparation, outdoor skills, gear, safety, first aid, and trails. You can find their guides here.


Interested in heading on an international hike? Try one of these hiking trails from National Geographic. We think that the Tour du Mont Blanc, Overland Track, and the Long Range Traverse all sound like excellent hikes. These hikes are appropriate for more experienced hikers, so be sure to train before you go.


What’s your favorite hike in the area? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading our post!

Hiking Tips and Tricks