Hosting Guests

This week the Liv Northgate Blog is featuring tips and tricks for the next time you have a guest staying at your house. Gilbert, AZ is a great place to live; we’re sure that there are plenty of friends from around the country that would love to visit. We have some advice for the next time a guest comes into town. We hope you enjoy our post!


The first thing you need to do is make sure that your apartment is clean. Our first tip is to, well, clean your apartment. Give your whole apartment a thorough going over, make sure everything looks good for your guest. Pay special attention to the guest bathroom and bedroom (or, if you don’t have a guest bathroom or bedroom, to the room your guest will be staying in) and make sure to remember to wash any sheets your guest will be using.


Next, go through each room to make sure it’s stocked for guests. The bathroom should have towels for your guests to use, extra toiletries, and plenty of toilet paper and soap. The bedroom should have plenty of blankets, a fan, a card with the Wifi password, and extra pillows. Make sure that the kitchen is guest-friendly, as well. Snacks should be easy to access, and you should remember to remind your guest where the cups, plates, and other utensils are (so they don’t have to go through all your things when you’re not at home).


If your guest will be coming and going throughout the day, it might be best to have an extra key for them to use. For days when you have to work, leave your guest a “Guide to Gilbert.” This guide should have your favorite restaurants in the area, favorite theaters, and favorite landmarks and museums in it.


We hope that our tips prove to be useful! Do you have any tips for hosting guests for us? Leave us your advice in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

Hosting Guests