Ideas for the Long Holiday Weekend from Liv Northgate

Things to Do Over the Long Thanksgiving Break


A great way to get into the spirit of the holidays is to make it a tradition to volunteer at a local charity or shelter. Find out if the shelters in our area serve a Thanksgiving meal and if they do, volunteer to help serve. Enjoy the feelings that come from giving back to our community.

Read about the History of Thanksgiving

Make it a tradition to read about the history of the holiday and how it all began. Think about the hardships and struggles the pilgrims went through in a new and unfamiliar land. Learn about the meaning behind the holiday and teach your family and friends.

Create a Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Use a white tablecloth and some fabric markers to start a fun tradition of writing what you are thankful for each year, along with the date, your name, and age at the time. Add to the tablecloth each and enjoy reminiscing over memories of past years.

Put Together a Family Cookbook

Compile a cookbook with your family’s Thanksgiving recipes! Make copies for everyone in the family so even when you aren’t together for Thanksgiving, you can still enjoy the tastes of home.

Make a Gratitude Tree

Each year, make it a tradition to create a gratitude tree from fallen tree branches and cut-out paper leaves. Decorate your “leaves” and write something you are grateful for on each leaf. Have anyone who visits add a leaf to the tree.  

What things will you be doing over Thanksgiving weekend? Please share with us in the comments below. We want to wish everyone in our apartment community a happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving decoration, including a plate shaped like a turkey and a makeshift tree made out of small branches