Ideas for Your Liv Northgate Balcony or Patio



When it comes to apartment living at Liv Northgate, your balcony or patio is an integral part of your space, and one of our most popular amenities. Today we are sharing some ideas for decorating and using this typically underutilized area to bring a piece of the outdoors in. What better time than to do it in April, before our Arizona weather gets too hot?



Grow a mini garden on your balcony or patio. Living in an apartment means you don’t have your own plot of earth for gardening, but you can create a container-based herb garden on your balcony. We like these 8 ideas for growing an herb garden from Balcony Gardening.


Wall Decor

Use the wall of your balcony to display items you wouldn’t necessarily hang inside; how about a kite collection to add a splash of color, or your favorite fishing rod and net? Colorful tapestries create a focal point on a balcony wall, and strings of lights create an ambiance for relaxing evening enjoyment.



Your patio or balcony is there for you to enjoy, so as you’re decorating it, make seating a priority. You don’t want to overfill the space, but you will want to have some sort of comfortable seating — a chair or two, or perhaps a bench — so you can enjoy the beauty of Arizona without feeling crowded with furniture or other decorations.



Use color to create a relaxing oasis with muted tones of blues, greys, and the like, or create a vibrant space with bright, contrasting colors. Pillows, throws, and cushions are all places to add some color. Paint your furniture, be creative and express your personality with varying colors and textures. Check out these ideas for 14 Ways to Make Your Patio Pop With Color.


Try out one of these ideas for your Gilbert apartment this month! Feel free to share your best ideas for decorating balconies or patios in the comments. Thanks for reading today’s post.

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