Keeping Up with the Cleaning During the Holidays

Staying on top of housework, particularly during the holidays, can be overwhelming. We want to help you out by sharing a practical cleaning schedule that can help you to maintain a lovely apartment here at Liv Northgate. We hope this schedule and other tips help you out. Enjoy your December, in a sparkling clean, holiday-scented apartment here in Gilbert, AZ.

Tips for Keeping Up on the Cleaning During the Holidays

Start your cleaning by taking an inventory of what needs to be done. We like this “walk through” technique which help pinpoint specific tasks: Simply walk through different rooms of your home with a box or laundry basket in hand for misplaced items you find (which you can then put away where they belong). As you walk through, you’ll get a read on each room and what shape they’re in. Take note of items that need your attention like burned out light bulbs, dirty windows, dusty baseboards, and more.

Set a timer whenever you clean. Take a break when the timer goes off and then set another timer when you’re ready to start cleaning again. This will make the task of having to clean your entire apartment feel much more manageable. Cleaning a little bit at a time is a lot less draining than having to clean everything at once. Just make sure that you’re using the method that works best for you.

If impromptu cleaning works for you, that’s great! But oftentimes we get overwhelmed by all the chores we have to do and sidetracked by other regular and unexpected tasks that creep into the day. So take some time right now to map out your cleaning schedule according to what you want to do and how long you think it normally takes you to get through each task. You could also use a pre-made list from online, like The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist from I Dream of Clean that categorizes everything for you by rooms.

When you’re finished with the cleaning, take a long relaxing bath. Be sure to add a bath bomb for added luxurious soaking. Thanks for taking time to read our post today. Enjoy the holidays!

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