Nothing Beats Outdoor Activities at Liv Multifamily!

The desert is warm and it's time to prepare your excursions for all of the wonderful outdoor activities you've been putting off. You may use many features and services you can find in the outdoor areas of your Liv Community.


Whether you like spending time at the community's bark park, public picnic and barbeque areas, or your private balcony or patio, this article provides some fantastic small outdoor area activities that may make a big difference in your life, family, and neighborhood.


Dog Birthday Parties!  

Regardless of when your dog was born, you can still have a party for them. Invite your canine-owning neighbors to join in the fun. Set up games such as Frisbee catch or yoga ball soccer that are sure to delight the dogs, as well as activities like Frisbee golf, horseshoes, or croquet for the two-legged guests.


It's crucial to be cautious when creating the guestlist for this party because the dogs invited must have compatible personalities. Bullies or violent canines may ruin the enjoyment of everyone, even humans. It's also a good idea to try and keep the size of the dogs invited similar. Even the mildest of Great Danes can be frightening to a tiny Chihuahua.


Don't forget the snacks. Make sure there's plenty of clean drinking water for the dogs, and provide each with a doggie bag filled with appropriate-size goodies. To prevent squabbles over snacks, distribute these bags to the dog's human companions so they can be enjoyed later at home.


Most people are better than dogs at sharing, so feel free to serve food and drink to the guests. If you have a barbeque area close by, you may even grill some burgers and hot dogs. Otherwise, provide portable treats and coolers of cold beverages for guests to snack on while their dogs burn off energy in the bark park.


Organize a Thematic Potluck Picnic   

Picnics have been a popular pastime for ages. Plan a picnic date and invite your neighbors to bring their favorite picnic foods. Choose a theme, such as a beach day, the American flag, or a particular nationality to celebrate, and ask your guests to bring meals that fit the bill.


Not everyone is good at making small talk or mingling, so you might want to provide some form of entertainment. A Bluetooth-enabled karaoke machine may be just the thing to break the ice and get people interacting with one another. For individuals who don't enjoy being in the limelight, a table reserved for board games or cards may be just what they need to overcome their initial shyness.


When it comes to hosting a potluck, having a signup sheet or an email chain is usually a smart idea to ensure there is enough of everything. You don't want the five-layer dip to be the only hors d'oeuvre on the table, regardless of how delicious it is.


A Deck on the Deck  

For a more private gathering, set up a card table on your deck or patio with a few of your friends, and spend the night playing cards or board games under the stars. This is an excellent low-key method to get to know new neighbors or become acquainted with the neighborhood in small amounts at a time.


Provide food and beverages for the players as well as other forms of entertainment for those waiting for their turn to play. Try your best to keep the competitive aspects of the games at a minimum until everyone has gotten to know each other better.


If the evening goes well, attempt to persuade one of the attendees to host a similar event the following month. It may be the start of a beautiful tradition, and you'll certainly get to know your neighbors better as a result.


Get the Kiddos Together  

Children enjoy having a lot of fun in small outside play areas. While all Liv children have easy access to a play area and free outdoor space to run and play in, they may still benefit from an organized active game or educational natural play.


Kids will be enthralled by the wonders of nature if you give them magnifying glasses and encourage them to study the world around them. Looking through a magnifying glass will provide youngsters with a new perspective and inspire their natural curiosity, whether they discover the inner workings of a blade of grass or study the wings of a butterfly resting nearby.


Of course, a day spent outdoors in the heat is incomplete without some water to cool off with. Fill buckets with water and provide kids with water guns. They may fill them up quickly and simply without using a running hose or generating waste.


Another good choice is water balloons, but they're best suited for older kids. Have them fill their balloons before the water balloon fight begins so they don't have to run back inside after each burst. Also, make sure they understand that the final part of the fun is collecting all of the pieces of exploded balloons and throwing them away.


A United Community  

These are just a few of the many ways you may use your Liv community's outside areas to entertain guests and family while also establishing a genuine community of individuals who know one another.


To learn more about the outdoor activities you may enjoy in your neighborhood or to learn how to join one, contact us at Liv.

Birthday dog in a fabric cake hat with candles.