Putting the Thanks in Thanksgiving

Welcome back to the Liv Northgate Blog! When was the last time a bouquet of flowers was delivered to your apartment for you? A thank you note? How about a letter of appreciation from your spouse or child? Chances are it may have been a while, which is why, with Thanksgiving coming up, we want to take some time to offer a few suggestion about giving thanks. It feels good to receive thanks, and it feels even better to offer gratitude. Here are some easy ways to incorporate an attitude of gratitude into your daily life here in Gilbert, AZ.


Keep a Gratitude Journal  

Make it a habit to write down three things you are grateful for every day. Post on social media, jot it down in a journal, or keep track on your phone — it doesn’t really matter how you record it. Add the best part of each day to the entry. Over time, include the worst part of your day, and how you were, with gratitude, able to turn it around (or chalk it up to a bad day and wait for a new day to re-set).


Practice Saying Thank You

Take time to thank the person who bags your groceries, an employee or co-worker for the time and effort they’ve put into a project, or your child for doing a good job with chores. There are countless opportunities every day to say thank you.



Make an effort this month to reconnect with someone from your past who made a difference in your life. Send a note or an email explaining what they did and how it influenced you. If they live in the Gilbert area, make it a point to stop in for an in-person visit to offer your gratitude. If they’re out of the area, sending flowers and following up with a phone call would be a great way to say “thanks” for what they did.


At the Thanksgiving dinner table, take a few minutes to share how expressing gratitude has benefited your sense of well being this month. What a great way to head into the holidays! Thanks for reading the Liv Northgate apartments blog today.

Putting the Thanks in Thanksgiving