Snooze, CRAS, AZWALL More Than Acronyms

What does a get your morning going with a cuppa establishment, an audio/recording school, a Vietnam veterans remembrance wall, and food trucks have in common? If you said they are a part of Gilbert, Arizona, you would be correct. Todays blog post is about some quirky or at the least interesting places in Gilbert. The morning people establishment is called Snooze, an A.M. Eatery; the name is derived from the owners habit of hitting the snooze button on his alarm three times every morning before finally rolling out of bed. Snooze started with one shop in Denver, and has expanded to twelve, the one in Gilbert being the newest. Snooze, a breakfast and brunch joint offers imaginative dishes and eye-opening cocktails in a fun and vibrant ambiance. You can find them at 310 N. Gilbert Road, Gilbert. 480-664-4488 And heres a peek at their menu (just reading it will make your mouth water)! In 2012, 72 CRAS (Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences) graduates were nominated for 163 Grammy awards. That is a pretty impressive record for a private technology school. The CRAS, originally called Songshop, moved from New York to Phoenix in 1987, and added a Gilbert location in 2003. The focus of the school is to provide an education that is well-rounded and prepares you to enter into the world of audio the career of your dreams. So heres to the next CRAS graduate who wins a Grammy all from skills learned in Gilbert, Arizona. Operation Welcome Home is an organization that holds ceremonies for members of the service when they return home from a tour of duty. It began in 2010, and other communities in the valley have embraced the idea. The Department of Defense awarded Operation Welcome Home jointly, with the Town of Gilbert a 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemorative Partnership. The result of that partnership is the creation of the AZ Wall Project. The project is a veterans park featuring a scaled down version of the Wall in Washington D.C. which will be 360 long and 8 feet tall. This park will provide healing, education, and inspiration to visitors. And the food trucks they are part of the Downtown District, and you can find them there on Friday nights from 5:00 - 9:00. Check them out. This blog post provides a great review. Also, the Town of Gilbert is looking for your input on the growth of the Heritage District. The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete and your responses will help guide future development decisions: Gilbert Heritage District Survey. Please share your quirky, favorite things about Gilbert in the Liv Northgate Blog comment box.
Snooze, CRAS, AZWALL  More Than Acronyms