Tips for Moving Into Your New Gilbert Apartment

Are you planning to move to Liv Northgate this month? We are so excited to welcome you to your new apartment home in Gilbert! Moving can seem like a daunting project. There are boxes to load and label, people to notify, trucks to hire, etc. Whether you are taking it on by yourself or hiring movers to help, there are ways to make moving a little bit easier. Here are a few tips to help make your move simple and easy.

Pack as early as possible

The more time you have to pack your belongings, the more organized you will be. If you are rushed, you may feel stressed so the earlier you begin, the more time you can take to pack.

Label all of your boxes by room so you know where they need to go

During a move, nothing is worse than opening a bunch of boxes and being surprised by what you find! Dont forget to label your boxes and note what room of the apartment they belong to so that you can keep your things organized as you unpack. Numbering boxes makes it easy to list their contents to help you conveniently locate items when you unpack.

Pack heavy items like books in small boxes so they are easier to carry

If you have a lot of books, you know how heavy a large box full of books can feel. Heavier items like books and heavy cookware should be packed in smaller boxes to make them easier to carry. If you have very heavy boxes, be sure to label them as heavy so that your helpers know to be cautious when lifting.

Create a moving binder to stay organized during the move

Did you remember to change your address with the post office? Switch your utilities? Tie up all of the loose ends? There is a lot to remember. Keeping a binder to help you stay organized can help to reduce stress and make things a whole lot easier.

Find helpers

If you cant hire a moving company, ask family and friends to help you out. The more hands you have to help, the faster it will be. Treating them to pizza and drinks in The Hub or inviting them to a pool party at the Liv Northgate saltwater pool is a nice way show you appreciate their help!

Find free supplies

Moving can get expensive so finding ways to cut corners is always a plus. Many retailers and offices will give away free boxes so ask around before you buy them. Also, check with friends and family if they have any leftover moving supplies before you spend too much money on things you may rarely use.

Take inventory of your belongings

Make a list of everything by room so that when you unpack, you can be sure to account for all of your belongings. If something is missing or damaged, you will know right away. If you use a professional mover, be sure to report damages according to their policy.


After a long day of moving, reward yourself and your helpers with some pizza and soda! Relax with a dip in Liv Northgates refreshing saltwater swimming pool or spa, or retreat to The Hub for a game of billiards or a movie. At Liv, we are all about community and we want you to feel at home right away. You finally did it and now you can enjoy all of the amazing amenities Liv Northgate has to offer.

If you have any questions during your move-in, please dont hesitate to ask one of us in the office. Were here to help you and want your move to Liv Northgate to be as seamless as possible.

For some more tips and tricks to help you move, check out the Liv Northgate Pinterest board Move into Liv!

Welcome home!!

Moving into your Gilbert apartment?