Tips for Sending Greeting Cards this Holiday Season

During this time of year, it’s always exciting when mail arrives at Liv Northgate, in Gilbert, AZ, just for you. Starting shortly after Thanksgiving, holiday greeting cards begin to make their appearance with warm greetings and news from family and friends. If you’re receiving them, we’ve got some ideas about how to display them in your apartment. If you haven’t already sent yours, it’s probably time to get them dropped in the mail! Whether you spend hours looking for the perfect card for each person on your list or you grab a box of greeting cards from a dollar store, we have some tips on getting them out or displaying them in today’s post.


Tips for Sending Season’s Greetings

Include your return address on your card; if cards are returned, you will be able to update your address list for next year, accordingly.


If you are not certain whether a Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, or Christmas card is appropriate, stick with Season’s Greetings or Happy Holidays to be on the safe side. But don’t worry too much about being politically correct. These are your friends, after all, so feel free to personalize your cards.


Photos of your family are a nice touch to show changes from year to year, but don’t include photos with cards you send to business acquaintances.


Add a personal, handwritten note to your card, and keep your message brief and legible. If you have more to say than can be written in a note under the printed greeting, you may want to consider writing a newsletter or including one with the card.


Displaying Holiday Cards

Cards begin to arrive shortly after Thanksgiving and on through the month of December in their brightly colored envelopes and fancy fonts, but once you’ve read them and thought of the sender with fondness, what do you do with the cards? We’ve got some ideas about that!


  1. Make a holiday card garland. String garland or even a string of miniature lights across a wall or mantle and use clips or clothespins to attach Christmas cards.


  1. Use magnets to position cards on the refrigerator or any other metal surface in a pleasing pattern.


  1. Put the cards in clear plastic covers in a decorated binder and leave it in a convenient place for people to browse.


  1. Put the cards among the branches of your tree. They can add a festive touch with their holiday colors.


For more ideas, check out these 15 ways to display your Christmas cards.

What are your best tips for sending and displaying holiday cards? Share with us in the comments! Thanks for reading today’s post. We want to wish everyone in our apartment community happy holidays!

Tips for Sending Greeting Cards this Holiday Season