Tips to Stay Healthy as the Temperatures Drop

Do you already feel a chilly wind blowing through your hair? If the approaching arrival of the winter season is making you shiver more than the latest horror movies, there's no need to worry: we've got you covered.


Continue reading to learn how to stay healthy in the cooler months in simple, enjoyable, and entirely possible ways.


Don't Skip Breakfast  

“Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day!” you've undoubtedly heard many times. Have any of you regularly skipped breakfast or just chug a hurried cup of coffee before heading to work?


The end result? Not only will you be looking for a (often less-than-healthy) mid-morning snack, but your entire immune system will be put at risk. The first step in defending against all of those bothersome seasonal viruses is to make sure you eat a nutritious breakfast every morning. Prepare yourself a slew of stews and soups, and you'll be ready to fight off numerous illnesses.


Outdoors Workouts Are Great for You

Even on shorter days and colder temperatures, getting as much vitamin D as possible will help you stay healthy. So, perform the following every week. On your phone, check the weather forecast: is it predicting at least one day of sunshine?


If you decide to go for it, plan a fantastic workout session for that day - and do it outside. Exercising outside has the advantages of both physical activity and spending time in nature, so it's ideal if you have limited time.


If the weather isn't great, stop by one of our "LivFit" fitness centers! With free weights, interactive cardio and strength equipment, and classes like zumba, pilates, and yoga offered at most locations our residents always have the opportunity to get the physical activity they need to stay healthy.


Get the Supplements Your Body Needs

So, what do you do when the forecast predicts days of rain? To make sure you get all the nutrients needed to support a healthy immune system, take supplements that contain vitamins C and D.


Don't Forget the Healthy Habits You Developed

Although the global pandemic might appear to be subsiding, please don't neglect all of the healthy habits you've developed over the last few years. Continue to wash your hands regularly (or use hand sanitizer when a sink and soap are unavailable), wear a mask in densely populated areas, and stay home if you're feeling sick in order to prevent further illness spread.


Get Your Flu Shot  

Because temperatures are dropping, there's a greater risk of catching the flu than in the summer. As a result, getting a flu shot as soon as possible is more essential than ever before, not just to avoid getting it but also to protect your family members.


Hydration is Important in the Winter Too  

It's much easier to remember to drink water in the summer than it is in the fall and winter, which is why staying hydrated is more of a priority during those months. When it's hot outside, you sweat out far more water, which stimulates your thirst and necessitates that you drink a lot of water.


Although we may not feel as thirsty in the cooler months, it is still essential to drink water regularly to support our immune system. Try this trick: shop for a fun, colorful water bottle and fill it up with fresh water every morning.


Finally, bring your water bottle with you everywhere you go, including to work, the gym, and even your nightstand. Having a water bottle next to you all the time will encourage you to drink more H2O, which can help your immune system fight off illnesses throughout the year.


Care for Your Smile and it Will Care for You  

Though you may not think it, keeping your teeth clean and cared for is critical to having a healthy life. Poor dental hygiene can lead to problems such as tooth decay and cavities, which in turn harms other vital organs, like your heart. So make that dentist appointment sooner rather than later!


Stay Healthy When the Temperatures Drop  

It's possible to stay healthy throughout the fall and winter, and it's far easier than you might imagine. Simply follow the recommendations we outlined in our article, such as drinking lots of water, going outside for exercise, and taking supplements. You will enjoy your healthiest cold season ever!


And now, relax and enjoy the next months with advice from Liv Multifamily.

Woman doing lunges in a snowy forest.