Unique Mother's Day Cards to Make or Buy


May is here, and that means that Mother’s Day is coming up soon. The Liv Northgate Blog has ideas for making or buying a unique card for your mother (or another favorite mother) in your life. Shop online, in a brick and mortar store here in Gilbert, AZ, or scope out your apartment for supplies to make a clever card. Whatever kind of card you decide on, be sure to include a handwritten personal message expressing your love and admiration. Take a look at the cards we found to get your imagination flowing:


Cards to Make


Mother’s Day Card

This DIY Mother’s Day card from Love Grows Wild incorporates a page of sheet music into its design. Liz, the author of the blog says, “I love using sheet music or book pages on my cards...it adds a vintage touch and lots of fun detail to the card.” We think this is a perfect card for a mother who loves music.


Mother’s Day Cut Out Card

Use a photo of your mom and you in this card, and get creative with cutouts to get a peek. You’ll need card stock, pencil, craft knife, eraser, photo, calligraphy pen (or marker), envelope. The blogger says, “As a mother now myself I can say handmade is thoughtful and appreciated” — we agree!


Better Homes & Gardens has a wonderful selection of mother’s day cards to give you inspiration — many with easy-to-follow directions. We especially love the Butterfly Mother’s Day card. Give it a try!

Cards to Buy


Origami Foxes Mother’s Day Card

Origami meets sensation in these classy, handmade cards featuring origami foxes attached to linen card. The inside is blank so you can add a personal message, and the card comes with an envelope. These are custom made to order and are ready to ship within 1-2 business days.  


Bird’s Nest 3D Pop-Up Box Card

Surprise! Your mother will love this “bright and vibrant” 3D box card which is “delicately embossed to give the box card special texture and dimension.” This and similar creations are available on Etsy.


Papyrus has a large selection of Mother’s Day cards ranging from cute to elegant to cards intended for your grandmother, daughter, or wife. Papyrus accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. Your card won’t be charged until the order ships.


We hope you enjoy creating memories via Mother’s Day cards this month. Share your favorite ideas with us in the comments. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers in our apartment community and remember, Father’s Day is coming up next month!

Liv Northgate Blog, Gilbert, AZ  Mother's Day is coming up and we've got some ideas to share with members of our apartment community for making or buying unique cards.