Volunteer for MLK Day of Service

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community where you live. There are so many different ways that you can volunteer here in Gilbert, AZ and the surrounding area. Find a cause that you are passionate about and get involved! Our Liv Northgate Blog is sharing a few of the benefits that come along with volunteering in today’s post just in time for the Martin Luther King Day of Service coming up on January 21st.

Tips for Serving from Your Gilbert Apartment

Making Connections

Volunteering allows you to connect with others around you in a meaningful way. You will make new friendships, improve your social skills, and expand your network. You will also have the satisfaction that comes from being a part of something bigger than yourself.

New Skills

You often learn and develop new skills when you volunteer and these new skills can be beneficial for furthering your career. You can gain experience in an area that interests you through volunteering and then add that experience to your resume.

Health Benefits

You feel good when you serve others, but there may be even more health benefits behind volunteering. Volunteering may also help you stay physically and mentally healthy. Serving others is helpful in combating depression, as well as counteracting the effects of stress, anger, and anxiety.

Boost Your Resume

Having volunteer experience on your resume is a good sign to potential employers. It shows that you care about something and that you are self-motivated. While we don’t recommend volunteering only to put it on your resume, it can act as an extra motivator to help you take the leap.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering? What benefits have you seen in your own life from volunteering? Share your thoughts and experience with the rest of our Gilbert, AZ apartment community in the comments. Thanks for reading our post. We hope you enjoy getting out of your apartment and volunteering this month!

a group of volunteers putting their hands together with the word volunteer superimposed over the photo