Weekend in Phoenix Part II

This month the Liv Northgate Blog is writing two posts on one of our favorite cities in Arizona — Phoenix! In our last post, we highlighted five of our favorite restaurants in the city. In this post, the Liv Northgate Blog is featuring two of our favorite places in Phoenix, AZ: the Phoenix Zoo and Castles n’ Coasters. We hope that you have a wonderful month here in Gilbert, AZ.


Phoenix Zoo


The Phoenix Zoo is a great place to spend the weekend! Visit a few of the 1,400 animals that currently call the Phoenix Zoo home. Animals at the zoo include the African lion, the Asian elephant, the Bornean orangutan, the Mexican gray wolf, and the Sumatran tiger. You can learn more about the animals at the Phoenix Zoo here.


Want to know what the Zoo’s ferrets are up to? The Phoenix Zoo has a live ferret cam, so you can always see what they’re up to.


We love the programs at the Phoenix Zoo! Programs include photography walkabouts. The description for this events reads, “Tips, tricks and technique guidance abound in this casual walkabout program led by one of the Zoo’s expert volunteer photographers. This program is entirely focused on practicing skills, getting instant feedback and having fun while capturing great images at the Zoo. While some dates may have a specific focus, participant interest shapes each class making this a dynamic and social experience for all. Whether your camera is professional quality or simply a phone camera, there is a walkabout program for you!”


You can find more information about classes at the zoo here.


Castles n’ Coasters


Castles n’ Coasters is perfect for a fun evening out with friends. This awesome amusement park includes a mini golf course, thrilling roller coasters, an awesome arcade, bumper boats, and go karts. Roller coasters at Castles n’ Coasters include Desert Storm, Free Fall, Patriot, and Sky Diver. You can find a full list of the rides at Castles n’ Coasters here.


What’s your favorite ride at Castles n’ Coasters? What’s your favorite exhibit at the Phoenix Zoo? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading our post!

Weekend in Phoenix: Part II